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JJK Institute Angola US/Canada/ASIA/ For Africa Higher Education of Agribusiness, Medicine, Engineering...
In partnership with Universities from the USA-CANADA & ASIA, Governments, NGOs, United Nations... 

Accounting for more than 50 percent of the global economy and employing 70 percent of Africans, agribusiness brings food from the farm to the global table. 

The Just Jesus King (JJK) Angola US/Canada/Asia International Higher Institute and Online School of Agribusiness & Education with the JJK Best Medical & Engineering Research Program Campus in Angola will prepare every student to lead in this competitive, sophisticated and global industry and will give them an advantage in understanding its unique challenges and practices.
 Agribusiness plays a vital role in economic development, contributing a major portion of GDP, employment, and foreign exchange earnings in many developing countries.
Despite its importance, Sub-Saharan Africa’s agribusiness sector faces numerous challenges. In many countries, most crops are produced by small-sized farms with limited mechanization and capacity, leading to poor yields. Fragmented markets, price controls, and poor infrastructure also hamper production. Many of the agricultural products produced in the region, such as maize, rice, and palm oil, are not competitive globally or have low profit margins. This means that Sub-Saharan Africa is ill equipped to meet its food requirements, which are set to double in the next 30 years or even sooner.

The JJK as the best Higher Institute and Schools of Agribusiness, Medicine, Engineering & entrepreneurship for the Continent. (Offering many scholarship)

To address these challenges,  JJK Angola and International  School of Agribusiness and entrepreneurship will supports projects across the food supply chain, including processing, logistics, and distribution. The goal is to built highly hands-on educated student that will develop an efficient and competitive private agribusiness, engineering and Medical sector. Achieving this will have a strong impact on reducing poverty and improving lives, since most of Sub-Saharan Africa’s poor live in rural areas that depend on agriculture. 

An Increasing Commitment / Assisting student for medical & Engineering school

JJK is stepping up efforts to support Africa’s agribusiness sector. We are developing new curriculum and products that are tailored to the reality of the continent, such as local currency financing, risk sharing facilities, and comprehensive support to farmers through intermediaries. JJK also aims to further integrate its advisory services with investments, to provide more comprehensive support. JJK is aiming to train 10,000.00 Medical doctors and Engineers each years to help the African Continent and the world.

Along with stakeholders such as American -Canadian- Asian and European Universities, Churches, World Bank, governments, and private sector participants;JJK train students to identifies key subsectors within agribusiness that have a strong potential for impact.

 We work with partners to create the necessary conditions for investment in the Agribusiness sector of Africa.  This includes efforts to improve infrastructure, such as water reservoirs and storage facilities, and improving the business environment through administrative reforms...We are planning to assist students with job search after their training.
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