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Certificates and Undergraduate Programs

Discover exciting, innovative, and global opportunities. Majors in agribusiness, Education and food industry management will prepare you for a rewarding career or graduate studies.

Global Agribusiness

With a B.A. or a Certificate. concentration in global agribusiness, you’ll learn about agricultural production, finance,  E-marketing in Agriculture, marketing and distribution and explore agribusiness issues such as international trade, food safety and sustainability. 

Possible careers for global agribusiness graduates include finance and technical positions within private agribusiness firms and governmental agencies, management, marketing, and environmental economics.

Food Industry Management

Discover mission-critical skills in applied finance, strategy, marketing, human resource and supply chain management necessary for success in any food-related enterprise. 

With a B. A. or Certificate concentration in food industry management, you’ll gain the skills and experience for careers in purchasing and procurement, food supply chain management, wholesale and distribution, logistics, commodity trading and export, and food marketing.

Special Education & Entrepreneurship

 Interested in learning more about Education & entrepreneurship? Looking to start a new venture? Look no further! Education & Entrepreneurship Specialist is JJK’s largest live and online  Educational with entrepreneurship course. Aimed at Educational technology entrepreneurs and social innovators, the course covers the fundamentals of Education specialist to starting and building a new venture. Topics include all the Elements of Career Counseling, Education profession specialist, funding your business, marketing, recruiting, intellectual property and more 

Medical School and Engineering in Collaboration with our Partner Universities around the world. (Many Scholarship available and financial assistance with support).

Overview Ph.D. Program

Pursue a JJK Ph.D. and learn from thought leaders in your field, gain the resources of America’s, Canada`s, European`s and Asian`s argest public university, and join a large a collaborative community of students and alumni.

As an academic discipline, agribusiness & education involves the application of theory and quantitative methods in economics, finance, marketing and management to issues involved in the production, distribution and marketing of food and fiber. The JJK International School of AgriBusiness & Education and the other partners Universities offer an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in business administration with a concentration in agribusiness.

The Ph.D. program produces scholars who are trained in the latest methods of business and economic analysis to emerge on the forefront of problem-solving in a vital sector of the global economy. Agribusiness graduates are expected to assume teaching and research positions at top-ranked research universities.

Funding available after graduation to start up your own business in Agri&Education
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The Consortium for Christian and Entrepreneurship Education believes …

In meetings with entrepreneurs across the years, the Consortium has established the following concepts that we believe are the basic foundation for the importance of entrepreneurship education:
1.Entrepreneurs are not "born"…they "become" through the experiences of their lives
2.Entrepreneurs have a great diversity of personal characteristics, the common one: being willing to take a risk in return for a profit.
3.Anyone can be an entrepreneur at any time of one's life.
4.Although there is no educational degree requirement to become an entrepreneur, it is helpful to have developed good support skills including communications, interpersonal abilities, economic understanding, digital skills, marketing, management, and math/finance skills.
5.Entrepreneurial ventures are the major source of new jobs in the economy…for the owner and for new employees.
6.Entrepreneurship is NOT learned by reading a textbook and then taking a test to prove you are one.
7.Young people can build confidence in their abilities to become entrepreneurs in their future as a result of a variety of entrepreneurial activities provided throughout education.
8.Entrepreneurship education activities are a real-life vehicle for developing academic skills.
9.Entrepreneurship Education enables employees to be more successful as a result of understanding the operations of a small business and the problems of their boss. 
10.Entrepreneurs are found in every occupation or career cluster
11.Entrepreneurship education opportunities are important at all levels of education, from experiences for elementary school children through skill development for existing entrepreneurs.
12.The definition of "entrepreneurship success" varies with reaching the goals of the individual, from part-time income to fast-growing corporate structures.

Our organisation have use these beliefs as the foundation for a discussion about the importance of entrepreneurship education in the Africa community and educational setting.

Just Jesus King (JJK)
Christ the Savior is the corner stone of our Educational program.
We exist because our King is gracious and loving.
We provide assistance with scholarship, financial aid, guidance counseling to study oversea, to work oversea, to settle in a new country.
We assist students and parents with career choice and a wide range of Christian counseling services.
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